Case Study: The Green Room

Client: Sligo Park Hotel

View of the Green Suite during the day
Source:’s own private collection had a thorough understanding of the layout of the room and also knowledge of suitable fittings after previously being contracted to install a Hi-fi sound system for the room. For that reason, the Sligo Park Hotel decided that would be the perfect company to aid their needs in the launch of their new conference room.

Sligo Park Hotel The Green Room Event AV Hire display by

Source:’s own private collection

On the 21st of March, the Sligo Park Hotel held an event to launch its new conference room, The Green Room. provided bespoke lighting as well as a staging set, designed in accordance with the colour scheme decided. In addition to providing the lighting and staging for the event, Sligo Park Hotel also contracted to hire two projectors to assist in the visual presentations for the evening. All visuals were adjusted to match the theme colour, green in The Green Room.

The first projector used was the Epson Lightscene Ev‑100, which is a 2,000-lumen WXGA accent lighting projector in white. With a low visual and noise design, it is ideal for retail displays, galleries, showrooms, exhibitions as well as museums.

The second projector used was the Panasonic PT-JX200. Similarly , it is a 2,000-lumen lighting projector with hybrid colour wheel technology providing crisp XGA resolution. Ideal for retail displays, showrooms, reception areas, museums and exhibitions.

The evening concluded successfully and smoothly without a hitch. Above all, the combination of the bespoke lighting, stage and projectors helped make the night a fantastic spectacle for guests. The captivating conference room was the highlight of the evening which created an interesting ambiance.

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