Case Study: Team Commercial Vehicles 2019

Client: Volkswagen

Picture of IBC containers lit up blue and white staging backdrop for a Volkswagen conference

Creativity and functionality is the blood and veins of The “Team Commercial Vehicles 2019” project gave our professional team the opportunity to apply a more creative approach to staging design. successfully scaled, adapted, built as well as installed a large scale stage backdrop design known as IBC Lighting (Intermediate Bulk Container Lighting) for our client, Volkswagen. The design was made of a total of 27 IBC’s that were assembled together to create the backdrop. Customized in their preferred blue and white colour scheme with an inter-changeable option of red and white. Creating a visually stunning, as well as enticing professional backdrop for the event.

What is IBC Lighting (Intermediate Bulk Container Lighting)?

IBC Lighting is a visually impressive and cost effective method of creating lighting walls with individual lighting blocks. Using re-purposed IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and remote controlled LED lights, can provide IBC lighting for large one-off displays or long term installations. 

The versatility of this method is what makes it so interesting. From one block to one hundred blocks. Any number of IBC’s can be placed to suit any design and event size.

Moreover, the use of’s wireless battery powered LED lights gives clients the option to change the display colours with just a single click of a button. From company colours to pixel designs, the design possibilities are endless. Altogether creating an ever-changing as well as dynamic atmosphere for any event with ease.

IBC lighting displays are not only very efficient but also very safe. Here, at, we value safety above all else, ensuring that our clients achieve their design goals without threatening quality and security. For this reason, we only recommend the best and safest equipment.

IBC Lighting backdrop with IBC containers lit up red and white for another conference.
Source:’s own private collection

In recent years, IBC’s have become a popular method of stage-building. Its versatility and stunning display makes it the go-to staging solution for any event. For that reason, many large events have used it, such as the recent Web Summit held in Dublin in 2015.

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