IBC Lighting

Picture of IBC containers lit up blue and white for a Volkswagen conference

AVA staff love to be creative with all aspects of event management, including stage design.   IBC’s have become a popular method of stage building in major events around the world including the Web Summit in Dublin in 2015.   AVA have successfully adapted this large scale stage backdrop design for use in smaller venues.

IBC containers lit up red and white for Coca Cola conference

IBC Lighting is a visually impressive and cost effective method of creating lighting walls or individual lighting blocks.  Using repurposed IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and remote controlled LED lights, AVA can provide IBC lighting for large one off displays or for smaller long term designs.  From one to one hundred, any amount of IBC’s can be placed and set to a variety of different colours.   Using AVA’s wireless, battery powered LED lights all colours can be changed remotely creating an ever changing and dynamic atmosphere for any event or display efficiently and safely.

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