Case Study: Lighting Up Sligo

Client: Sligo Business District (Local Businesses & Sligo County Council)

In 2015, were successful in winning a tender to design, supply and install architectural lighting for two bridges in Sligo Town.

The three bridges, two of which date back to the 19th century, are currently protected structures under the Record of Protected Structures in County Sligo. The Hyde Bridge, Markievicz Bridge and the Footbridge. These bridges link Rockwood Parade to Stephen St Car Park over the Garavogue River.

The lighting of the bridges on Garavogue River in Sligo Town.
The lighting of the bridges on Garavogue River in Sligo Town.

Because of the challenges that come with installation, our team had to design a bespoke solution in order to accomplish the desired effect.

The issues that had to be addressed include the restricted mounting positions available, tidal problems as well as power management. Thus, the choice of luminaries would be vital in the implementation and maintenance of the project.

To successfully implement the idea, our team of experts came up with several solutions.

Firstly, to ensure the durability of the lights. Quality was key to ensuring that the lights can withstand the thrashing waves along the river. For this reason, our expert team chose to install …

Secondly, our expert team had to come up with a solution to avoid damaging the structures while installing the lights .
With the structures in mind, our team carefully handcrafted the lighting positions to fit both sides of the river promenades.

The next challenge was power management. Our team resolved this issue by connecting the lights to the town’s lighting system and installed a timer switch to allow easy management. Consequently, providing a cost-effective maintenance and management solution.

However, unlike regular lights, included adjustable colour-changing lights, that can be remotely changed to suit the occasion. For example, switching the lights green instead of the normal blue for St. Patrick’s Day.

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