Jameson® St. Patrick’s Day Global Broadcast

Jameson® invite radio stations from all over the world to Dublin for St Patrick’s Day and provide facilities for them to broadcast their shows live from Old Jameson Distillery in Smithfield, Dublin, each year.

AVA have provided the technical facilities for this event since 2005. Our service includes liaising with the radio stations in advance of their arrival, assessing their technical requirements and delivering services on the day.

Radio stations from all over the world, including Japan, Europe, North America, Africa and South America have presented their shows from OJD in Dublin. AVA have been behind the scenes each year ensuring the shows were broadcast without any hitches.

AVA’s technical expertise and attention to detail enables us to deliver the equipment and services required in a critical timeframe, over many time zones.

The photos below give a flavour of the atmosphere at the event.

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