Case Study: Jameson® St. Patrick’s Day Global Broadcast

Client: Jameson®

Every year since 2005, has had the privilege of providing technical facilities for the event that include the lighting, bespoke staging and AV hire aspects of it. Similarly, we also provided on-site support services to ensure that the event ran efficiently.

Once a year, Jameson organizes a St. Patrick’s Day event. Bringing radio stations from all around the world to Dublin, Ireland to internationally broadcast their celebratory show from the Old Jameson Distillery in Smithfield to these countries simultaneously.

The event had an estimated reach of more than 50 million listeners, including a large proportion in Jameson’s No. 1 market, the United States. There was an exciting line-up of activities planned to allow consumers around the world to embrace their Irish Spirit. supplying technical facilities and Av hire to Jameson's International Broadcast 2015
Jameson Global Broadcast 2015, source:’s private collection

Due to the scale of the event, it was vital that our team of expert technicians were fully prepared for any complications that may occur.

During the preparation stage, our professional team liaised with the international radio stations to assess their technical requirements. The technician team were able to recommend and prepare the right equipment needed to support the event before their arrival.

Fast forward to event day, our expert technicians’ team were onsite providing technical support in addition to the AV hire to the radio stations, performers and the organizing team. providing technical support and AV hire in the Jameson  Global Broadcast 2015 providing technical support in the Jameson Global Broadcast 2015

The event ended spectacularly with brilliant performances, enhanced with beautiful staging and lighting effects. The combination of both created a visually-appealing and entertaining scene for audiences and listeners all around the world-alike.

Here’s to another one!

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