Wireless Presentation Systems

Whether you're planning an event and looking for new ways to keep your audience interested or you're looking for a way to record lectures to stream online, we've got the solutions to any problems you might come across.
Check below for three such solutions.

One device, one button.
Clickshare is the ultimate simple-to-use tool for sharing presentations from any device to a screen or projector. Perfect for making sure that meetings and presentations proceed on time. Simply plug it in and press the button.

Cynap Wolfvision
Make collaborative presentations using any media file and from any device. Highlight your message, make changes as you work and record as you go. Cynap Wolfvision is one of the most versatile, collaborative and intuitive presentation systems there is.

Sonorplex Interactive Services
Sonorplex allows unprecedented interaction between hosts and delegates. Hosts can pose questions to the audience and gather real-time data from between 50-5000+ people at once, while simultaneously allowing delegates pose questions to the host and mark significant moments in the presentation for people to jump to when rewatching. All in all, it helps provide a new level of audience-host interactivity never before seen.

If you think these could fix any problems you have or even if you have any other challenges you think we could help with, why not contact us today to see if we can make your life easier.

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