Digital Signage

DIGITAL SIGNAGE is…an effective way to display information or advertising on a screen.
It is popular with shops, schools, financial institutions, hospitals, restaurants and airports.  It comprises software, content and hardware.

The software is what you use to create and display the desired pictures, videos and information (content) to your screens.

The hardware is the LED/LCD screen and a media player. The media player receives the content created from the digital signage software and pushes the advertising / information to the screen.  Digital signage can be scheduled to deliver sound as well as visual content.


Giant Tablet Styling Displays are commercial tablets. With sturdy aluminium bezel and sleek design, these displays always manage to catch the eye.  Built with a strong tempered edge to edge glass front and a wide viewing angle, these commercial grade tablets are hard to miss and certainly stand out from the crowd.

Repeat Signage Software

AVA can supply RepeatSignage Software.

Repeat Signage digital signage software gives you a choice of standalone, network or remote updating of your content over the Internet.

What it does Repeat Signage enables you to communicate with your audience, quickly and easily, displaying a variety of media onto small or large screens. Supports touch screens.

1. Simply download Repeat Signage digital signage software onto your Windows PC.

2. Easily create your presentations by inserting your logo, text, images, real-time date and clocks, RSS feeds, video, various documents and other media.

3. Connect to your display screen, video wall or interactive screen to promote your own activities. Even generate income with the software’s advert templates.

4. Update content locally, from a website or remotely over the Internet

Please visit for a free trial of the software.
Download the brochure RepeatSignageBrochure

Download RepeatSignage Success Stories

Vivitek Novo DS

We also supply the Novo DS by Vivitek. It is a simple to use digital signage solution.

NovoDS 4K Brochure 

Please email for more information or to arrange a demo.

Digital Totem Displays

We at AVA also supply Digital totem displays. They are free standing displays used to communicate marketing messages and attract consumer attention.

Often used in retail environments in high-traffic areas, eye-catching digital totem displays allow brands to differentiate themselves over the competition and drive increased sales.

They can be double sided and can display two different messages simultaneously. They can also be wrapped in your company logo.

We can supply many brands including NordMende Android Totem with NMDS software

• Built in Andriod Player
• 1080 x 1920, 500 cd/m2 Brightness, 16.7m Display Colours
• Supports LAN, WiFi and 3G Connectivity
• HDMI, VGA, Audio 3.5mm Inputs
• 450w Power Consumption
• Slim Stylish Finish

• Increases sales through high brand visibility
• Attracts consumer attention to product promotions or launches
• Maximises brand impact at the point of purchase
• Can be run 24 hours a day for maximum customer attention
• Low operating and maintenance

• Hotels
• Education
• Financial Institution’s
• Gym’s
• Department Stores
• Cinemas
• Health and beauty

AVA can supply and install various other digital signage solutions too.
Please contact for more information or to arrange a demo.

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