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AV Hire

Audio-visuals are effectively one of the most important aspects of an event. This is why, here, in AVA.ie, we strive to provide you with the best solutions according to your event needs to allow your audience to fully immerse themselves in your event. Our service versatility and professional expertise in the AV industry allows us to cater to any event, indoor and outdoor, large or small. From small coaching sessions to large corporate gatherings.

Not looking for anything fancy and need just a speaker or projector to hire? We can help too! Apart from projectors and speakers, we also provide microphone, lectern, podium as well as drape hires. Don’t see what you need here? Fret not, contact us and we’ll find what you need!

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AVA.ie AV Event Hire: Speakers, Projectors etc

Event Lighting

AVA.ie Event Lighting services

We understand the importance of good lighting and how it is used to keep the audience engaged. Thus, choosing the right lighting is vital. Lighting choices are determined by a number of complicated factors that overlap one another such as venue size, presentation format and more. Our team of experts are ready to accommodate all aspects of your event and recommend the best solution to dazzle your audience. Want to know how? Find out more!

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Event Planning

Creating an immersive event for your audience can be difficult but here at AVA.ie, we strive to make your life easier by assisting you from the organisation stage to event day. Our team of experts will be communicating and assisting you throughout the entire process. As the logistics of the event is discussed, our experts will also ensure that we uphold your vision of the event as well as your schedule, from displays to sound.

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AVA.ie Event Planning services: organisation discussion

Event Recording

AVA.ie Event Recording Service: Interview Recording

Event recording can be beneficial to those who have missed the event or may want to keep it as a repetition tool. Our team of digital experts can record it on your behalf and have it professionally edited to your requirements with the use of our cutting-edge AV equipment and software. Various presentations can also be included upon request. Contact us to find out how we can help you!

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Event Streaming

Looking to reach a wider audience cost-effectively? Our event streaming packages allow you to invite your targeted audience and instantly connect with them in a single platform. Acquire audiences internationally. With high-end AV equipment, we provide high-quality HD streams with clear crisp audio to match.

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AVA.ie Event Streaming Services: Man with camera

On-site AV Support

AVA.ie on-site AV support services: Man adjusting volume on equipment

Organising an event can be overwhelming and straining. Why not leave the AV aspects of it to the experts? We, at AVA.ie, provide full on-site AV support so you can focus on other important aspects of the event to ensure the best success. We offer services that include the management of all your AV needs, available to you when you need them. Besides making sure that your speakers can be heard, we also help ensure that the presentations can be seen on the screen when you need them the most!

Interested to know more about how we do it? Check out our Jameson® St. Patrick’s Day Global Broadcast Case Study!

Jameson® St. Patrick’s Day Global Broadcast Case Study

Set + Stage

Every event is different. Whether your audiences needs to be informed, educated or entertained, we are prepared to amaze them visually through creative stage designs and visually impressive installations.

We design sets as well as stages which are tailored to your varied wants and needs from simple stages with branding to fully lit back-drop displays to suit the available space in your venue. Besides designing your stage, we also provide assistance in installing the stage for you in your selected venue!

Interested to know what we can do for you? Check out our Team Commercial Vehicles 2019 Case Study to see how we dazzled their audience with IBC Lighting and Stage!

Team Commercial Vehicles 2019 Case Study
Volkswagen Team Commercial's Set and Stage

Not sure what you need? Contact us and we’ll be able to lead you to the right way!

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