The Green Room

View of the Green Suite during the day

On the 21st of March the Sligo Park Hotel held an event to launch its new conference room, The Green Room. We already knew the layout of the room from working in the renovation of the suite, and when the Park decided to look for a company to set the stage, lighting and background for the event, they knew we were the right people for the job.

Initially we were contracted to hire out just one projector for the evening on top of the regular lighting and staging, however, after bringing the projector in to demo it to the management they were so impressed they decided they would have to have another one!
In the end we used two different projectors, an Epson Lightscene Ev‑100, and a Panasonic PT-JX200, in order to wow guests in between guest speakers for the evening. Speakers having a conversation onstage

After all was said and done the night went off without a hitch, the guests were all kept entertained by the riveting speakers and the brand new suite, and the lighting, stage and projectors all helped make the night a fantastic success!

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Lighting Up Sligo!

Main bridge in Sligo lit up blue with the Glasshouse in the background

In 2015 we were successful in winning the tender to design, supply and install architectural lighting for three bridges on the Garavogue River in Sligo Town – Hyde Bridge, Markievicz Bridge and the Footbridge linking Rockwood Parade to Stephen St Car Park. Lighting of the bridges was the brainchild of the Sligo Business District Project, a collaboration between local businesses and Sligo County Council, under an InterReg Project.

View of Hyde Bridgelit up at night from Rckwood Parade The three bridges, two of which date from the 19th century and are protected structures, each needed a bespoke solution in order to accomplish the effect desired.
The choice of luminaires, restricted mounting positions, the tidal river and power management challenges all contributed to making this a formidable challenge.
In order to maintain the integrity of the protected structures we handcrafted lighting positions and fixed them to either side of the river promenades, while we solved the power management solution by connecting them to the town lighting and fixing a timer switch to come on at the right time. On top of all this we made sure to include colour changing lights so we can adjust for any big days coming up. Thinking of visiting for St. Patricks day? Why not come and see how we lit Sligo up green!


IBC Lighting

Picture of IBC containers lit up blue and white for a Volkswagen conference

AVA staff love to be creative with all aspects of event management, including stage design.   IBC’s have become a popular method of stage building in major events around the world including the Web Summit in Dublin in 2015.   AVA have successfully adapted this large scale stage backdrop design for use in smaller venues.

IBC containers lit up red and white for Coca Cola conference

IBC Lighting is a visually impressive and cost effective method of creating lighting walls or individual lighting blocks.  Using repurposed IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and remote controlled LED lights, AVA can provide IBC lighting for large one off displays or for smaller long term designs.  From one to one hundred, any amount of IBC’s can be placed and set to a variety of different colours.   Using AVA’s wireless, battery powered LED lights all colours can be changed remotely creating an ever changing and dynamic atmosphere for any event or display efficiently and safely.


Jameson® St. Patrick’s Day Global Broadcast

A man and two women dance on stage

Every year to celebrate St. Patricks day Jameson invites Radio stations from around the world to Dublin to broadcast their shows simultaneously from the Old Jameson Distillery in Smithfield

Man speaks into a clip on microphone for his radio show

Each year since 2005 AVA have provided the technical facilities for this event, including liaising with the Radio stations in advance of their arrival, assessing their technical requirements, and making sure everything runs smoothly on the day. Radio stations from all over the world, from Japan to Chile and everywhere in between have presented their shows from the Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin, and AVA have been behind the scenes each year making sure it all goes off without a hitch.

Our technical expertise and attention to detail allowed us to deliver a top quality service in a critical timeframe, all the while ensuring everyone knew what they were doing and most importantly, making sure that everyone had a good time!

Radio DJ broadcasting from the Old Jameson Distillery in Smithfield

Here are a few more photos to get an idea of the atmosphere at the event:

Two men play Irish music on stage, one is playing a guitar while the other plays a bodhran Four Radio DJs broadcast from the Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin View of one of the floors where DJ's broadcast from Two DJ's broadcast from the Old Jameson Distillery A man sings on stage while three others play music Two people talking at the Jameson Global Broadcast Several groups of people are gathered around tables to broadcast on the radio, nearly all are wearing green

Here’s to another one!

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